Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What are rules and principles for Metro UI design

Before describing rules for Metro design first I am telling you a brief about the metro UI design.

"Metro UI is nothing but a design structure/pattern with a smooth, attractive and simple user interface where text content has more appeal than the containers"

Please follow these rules when you are trying to develop a website using Microsoft's Metro UI design being a best web professional.

Rules given by Microsoft for Metro design
  • Consistent and smooth navigation and scrolling.
  • Both the background of the page and the background of text should be plain, usually with a solid color, to avoid distracting from the text.
  • Simple, attractive and non bothering user interface
  • Organize information on the bases of meaning and functionality.
  • Attention on the device on which the software will run. this will remove future difficulties when the software will run on both traditional and touch-screens with different sizes.
  • Use font-size and colors for content separation and headings in place of background and some other separator containers.
  • Use snap view to engage your users.
  • Keep app contextual actions in the app bar.
Here check this layout and content representation as a best metro design example
Rules for metro UI  design


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