Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hotmail changed to with Metro UI feature

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       is actually replacement of with new Windows 8  metro UI features New web mail launched by MicrosoftThrough Microsoft seems to be serious about content focusing design with Clean layout, block colors and plenty of contextual menus help to implement a simple and attractive user interface. Vs

There might be competition between Google and Microsoft because Over 1 million people reserved webmail service in the first 6 hours when Microsoft launched and more than 10 million users registered in the two weeks after its launch.

Most desirable Features
  • The biggest feature update, and the one I believe most users have been asking for a while, is the addition of Office Web Apps – Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote – to open attachments, edit them on the fly and send them back as email. The inability to do so has been a major pet peeve for most email users. It also offers SkyDrive support so users can upload heavy attachments to the cloud service without worrying about attachment size limits. 
  • SkyDrive Integration 
  • Windows Live Messenger Support
  • Fully designed based on Metro UI guidlines
  • Skype Integration
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Personally, I really like this new fast and clean interface with Metro style features so I 'll say You can try this webmail.


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