Sunday, March 4, 2012

Answer for Why Should We Hire You Question

“Why should we hire you?” Basically, this interview question is one of the important and mostly asked questions during an interview during HR round.

Some common answer for freshers:

"Because I sincerely believe that I'm the best person for the job. I realize that there are many other college students who have the ability to do this job. I also have that ability. But I also bring an additional quality that makes me the very best person for the job--my attitude for excellence. Not just giving lip service to excellence, but putting every part of myself into achieving it. I have consistently reached for becoming the very best I can become by doing the following . . . "

"I am sure there would be many people equally qualified and technically strong, as I am. But I don't think this is the only thing, necesary to succeed in the software. I can lend an additional value, equally important, in the form of Commitment to the job, in hand. without the above quality, according to me, all the prerequisite qualifications and technicalities are worthless."

Whether your interviewer asks you this question explicitly or not, this is the most important question of your interview because he must answer this question favorably in is own mind before you will be hired.  So help him out!  Walk through each of the position’s requirements as you understand them, and follow each with a reason why you meet that requirement so well.

Some points to remember while replying for this question:
  • One of the best ways to answer this question is to make a short list of all your advantages and create a paragraph that would point out the positive aspects that you would bring to the new job position.
  • One of the points that you can raise is the similarity of the job profile you are aiming for at the company to the job profile you enjoyed in your previous job.
  • You can also draw the interviewer’s attention to your key skills and strengths, namely – quick learning, excellent communication skills, etc.
  • In addition, your professional ambitions should be made clear – the motivation and dedication that you have for the profession and the opening position.
  • Make sure that your answers do not come out to be too much about yourself or that they come across as conceited.


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