Thursday, February 16, 2012

What are Most Desired Features of IIS7

Features of IIS7As I think so, Being a web developer it is very important to know about the well known features of IIS7. When we host your .net site on IIS7 by default it hosted in Integration mode. Integration mode means we have enabled forms authentication to our all sites, even we can host our site in classic mode. Both modes can run side by side in different applications pools.
  • Dynamic IP Restriction Extension: Just like blocking requests based on the number of requests we can protect the content from certain countries or if we are just looking for some SPAM protection, we could do a lot worse than checking out the Dynamic IP Restriction Extension (x86, x64).
  • Bit Rating Throttling Module: The Bit Rating Throttling module is essential for any web developer who is planning on delivering video via the web. The idea is simple, why send all the video down to the client when there is no guarantee that the client will watch all that content, wouldn’t it be better to send the first bit down fast and then slow down and progressively monitor and change the speed at which the user gets the data delivered. It doesn’t have to work with video either, you could use this module to slow down the speed of any content to certain users (maybe you have a photo site and unregistered users download stuff faster than registered ones. More details click here
  • Server Extensibility: It includes include the Output Cache, the compression modules, and several other internal caches by default, you can gain application performances.
  • IIS Output Caching - This feature enables caching of dynamic content. It's not restricted up to static content. Now you can gain the actual advantage of output cache in your application (Caching is the best way to improve the performance of applications). It includes ASP,, and any other IIS 7.0 compatible application framework.
  • Integrated Mode - With the Introduction of New mode Integration pipeline you can handle both manage and native modules regardless of handler and you can apply to all requests. For example, managed Forms Authentication can be used for all content, including ASP pages, CGIs, and static files. Apart from that you can migrate your asp mode application to integrated mode with the help of AppCmd command. Previously you would need to write ISAPI filters and extensions in something like C or C++, now you can write a module in c#.
  • URL Rewrite - Earlier it was not possible in IIS, but now it is there. It always suggested URL should be short and easy to remember. With the help of this technique you can achieve this and even it is hackable. Hackable means if the user hacks of the end of the URL, and types in, they should see a listing of all sales, or at least a listing of all sales they can view.  For more details on IIS 7 URL Rewriting click here.


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