Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Top 10 Websites Designed WIth Metro UI

Top  Websites Designed and Implemented With Microsoft Metro UI

"From the time when Microsoft launched Metro UI for Windows8, Each and every designer have the curiosity to implement and apply Metro UI to their own websites. Really its amazing experience and if You are a designer you can try with it. Here check some websites inspired with Microsoft's Metro UI"

Up-magazine metro UI website

Winrumors  Metro UI website

top 10 metro UI website

WinPhone: Metro UI website

xbox best Metro UI website
MetroTwit best Metro UI design

ChromeWebStore Metro UI design

TheVerge Metro UI design

Touchality: Best metro UI website



Alexandru Pricop said...

How about mention http://pricop.info ? :)

Unknown said...

Dear Alexandru Pricop,
I know about http://pricop.info
Its realy nice one website designed on metro.I checked it already.
But here I selected only best top 10 metro designs

Anonymous said...

One More School ERP Software based on Metro UI. Check the demo Demo

Rui Alexandre said...

The one above my comment is basically a copy of Microsoft's homepage. Not cool.

Erin said...

If you ask me, I think Pricop's site is far better than any of those listed in this selection. There are some really messy, cluttered and yucky designs here :/

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