Thursday, February 2, 2012

How To Propose A Girl On Valentines Day!

Best Way To Propose Your Lover (Girlfriend /Boyfriend) On Valentine Day!

Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year, is not too far. Most of younger wait for this most wanted awesome day, So, if you are planning to propose your beloved then don’t miss the opportunity. Well, whether you are girl or a boy, doesn’t matter, you both can propose your love. But boys its better you go first as this is sure-shot time to get positive response. I am sharing my truly personal experience for proposing on this Valentine’s Day.
    Propose A Girl On Valentines Day by diamond ring
  • Propose with the Ring: This is the best and perfect way to propose your girl. The impact of this trick is just magical. The success rate of this way of proposal is 200%. You know rings or jewelry are the weakness of girls so there are very little chances that she’ll say no.
  • Plan a romantic Date: Another secure way to propose is plan a romantic date just for you two only. The exclusive date must cover a gift, nice exotic food, romantic music and dance. The combined effect of these things will mesmerize her, so no chance of negativity.
    Propose A Girl On Valentines Day by beautiful rose
  • Propose with Red Roses: If you are a student or a young boy, you can propose your girlfriend with fresh red roses and tempting chocolates. This will not put burden on your pocket and you’ll get best result.
  • Go for Tattoo: The powerful and intense way to propose is Tattoo her name on your body. As girls are emotional so, this will definitely work. But be careful, even if she gets angry don’t lose hope this means that she loves you and cares for you.
  • Propose in Front of Your Group: Surprise her/him by proposing in front of your group this will certainly work. Girls especially love surprises so use this way to propose the love of your life with a beautiful bouquet or teddy.
This Valentine Day express love, give love and get love because love can conquer anything.

                   "Only For boys: while trying to propose a girl
  • There is no need for using fanciful or big grandiloquent words to impress her. Rather, it may prove to be a big turn off. The best way is to express your true feeling in the simplest manner.
  • To show that you really care for her. Invite her to a quiet and romantic dinner for just the two of you, at your place. Prepare all her favorite dishes and play her favorite music. Along with your love, it will also show how much you know about her.
  • Prepare a banner, with the words "I Love You" or "Will You Marry Me". Stick this banner outside her home or her office, where she is bound to notice it. Please do not use her name on that banner. Better to use some nickname that only you two know of.
  • If you can afford, sky writing your proposal is an excellent idea. But make sure that you are with her when the proposal is written.
  • Proposing at the same place where both of you met for the first time or the place both of you have fond memories of, is a good idea.
  • If you have some beaches nearby, drive there in the evening. With soft music playing in your car, propose her when the sun is setting. The whole ambience will make her go weak in the knees.
  • You can even propose the girl at a place where you first met or a place you have fond memories of as these places have an association attached to it that will give less chance to her for refusal.
  • Don't force her to say yes. The worst you can do is to push her around and threaten her dignity. Tell her to take her time and that you shall wait. Be a gentleman and respect her. Incase she doesn't want a relationship; she will let you know of it then and there.


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