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Website Of The Year Award 2011

"Award 2011: Websites and Technical Persons Of The Year"

Award 2011 goes to best websites, genius entrepreneurs and some talented technical persons those won this award by their great efforts.

1. Online Game of the Year

Winner: Angry Birds
Created by: Rovio
Team size: Two employees full-time, three part-time. Technical consultation from Google/Chrome engineers, mostly on using their tool-chain.
Length of project: Three months

2. Web Application of the Year

Github: Web Application of the YearRunners up: Stackoverflow and Wunderlist
Winner: Github
GitHub is a collaborative coding project that more than one-million people use to host over three-million coding repositories. The site provides social networking functionality such as feeds, followers and the network graph that displays how developers work on their versions of a repository.

3. Best API Use

Instagram: Best API of the year 2011Runners up: Gowalla and YouTube Instant
Winner: Instagram
Developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and launched in October 2010, Instagram enables iPhone (and iPad and iPod Touch) users to apply cool filters to their photos. It's a homage to both the Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid cameras and confines photos into a square shape.

4. Podcast of the Year

The Big Web Show: Podcast of the Year 2011Runners up: CSS-Tricks and Nettuts+
Winner: The Big Web Show
Hosted by: Jeffrey Zeldman and Dan Benjamin
Recorded in: New York City and Austin, Texas
Subjects covered: The Big Web Show features special guests and topics such as web publishing, art direction, content strategy, typography, web technology, and more. It's everything web that matters.

5. Social Campaign of the Year

Runners up: IE6 Death and It Gets Better Project
Jack set up Jack Draws Anything with the help of his father, Ed, and completed 536 pictures over 231 days, using 314 pens, 162 crayons and 96 pencils on 2,144 sheets of paper. He is now 'hibernating' for the winter and has raised over £32,000 so far.

6. Innovation of the Year

jQuery Mobile: Innovation of the Year 2011Runners up: CSS3Pie and Google+
Winner: jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is like jQuery UI for mobile. It's a widget library that converts semantic markup into a familiar, finger friendly format.It's a fairly young but very ambitious project that aims to create the best possible mobile web experience on the largest number of browser.

7. Open Source App of the Year

Modernizr 2.0: Open Source App of the Year 2011Runners up: Firefox and WordPress 3.2
Winner: Modernizr 2.0

Modernizr, developed by Faruk Ates, Paul Irish and Alex Sexton, is a small JavaScript library that detects the availability of native implementations for the ongoing HTML5 and CSS3 specifications. It tells you whether the current browser has implemented a given feature, enabling developers take advantage of new features, yet create a fallback in the browsers that lack support for that feature.

8. Mobile App of the Year

Reeder: Mobile App of the YearRunners up: BBC News and Google+ for Android
Winner: Reeder

There’s more to mobile apps than throwing angry birds at green pigs. This award goes to the best and most useful application for mobile devices, as chosen by our judging panel.

Available for both iPhone and iPad, as well as the Mac, Reeder, developed by Silvio Rizzi, is an RSS client for users of Google Reader. It pulls in your latest news stories, presents them beautifully, and also enables you to send links to Instapaper, post to Twitter, and much more besides. You can also star your favourite articles to read later, and group your sources by topic. If you’ve never used it, check it out today!

9. Mobile Site of the Year

Facebook: Mobile Site of the Year 2011Runners up: Engadget and Nike Better World
Winner: Facebook
Whether they're bespoke mobile sites or responsive designs, our the nominees in this category enabled visitors to their sites to enjoy their online experience, no matter how small their screen size.

This year our judges were blown away with Facebook’s mobile site, which has set a new benchmark in what can be achieved on smaller screens, with the use of open web technologies. The social networking continues to innovate on mobile, which is increasingly becoming its natural home.
Despite 2011 being the year Google+ launched, Facebook has gone from strength to strength and is reportedly about to launch its own phone in collaboration with HTC. Is there no stopping this social networking juggernaut?

10. Site of the Year

BeerCamp SXSW 2011: Website of the year 2011Runners up: Activate and Sophie Hardach
Winner: BeerCamp SXSW 2011
Team size: 1

  • 11. Redesign of the Year

    Runners up: Gizmodo and YouTube Cosmic Panda
    Winner: Mailchimp
    Team size: Six, all in house (project manager, writer, two designers, two developers)
    .net: What was the brief?
    Mark DiCristina, marketing director: The entire brief from our CEO was "Make it pro." The challenge was to figure out how to do that while maintaining the integrity of the brand.

    12. Brilliant newcomer of the Year
    Rob Hawkes: Brilliant newcomer of the Year
    Runners up:
    Harry Roberts and Lea Verou

    Winner: Rob Hawkes
    Job: Technical evangelist at Mozilla
    Got into web design/development aged: 12 (13 years ago!)
    Education: Self-taught, but also studied Interactive Media Production at Bournemouth University and got a First
    Areas of expertise: Visual programming, HTML5 and the new JavaScript APIs

    13. Young designer of the Year

    Janna Hagan: Young designer of the Year
    Runners up: James Billingham and Lauren Thompson
    Winner: Janna Hagan
    Age: 20
    Education: Attended Durham College in Oshawa, ON for Web Design & Development. Currently taking business

    .net: What have you been working on this year?
    JH: This summer I worked at a design agency called Mediashaker in Edmonton, AB. I’m also setting aside time to do freelancing, as well as start a personal project specifically for web design students. My proudest moment this year has been to be named on the list of "50 Awesome Portfolios from Female Designers and Illustrators".

    14. Young developer of the Year

    Paul Adam Davis: Young developer of the Year 2011
    Runners up: Felix Krause and Garrett Bjerkhoel
    Winner: Paul Adam Davis
    Age: 20
    Education: Self-taught, initially from Chris Coyier of Holds no qualifications in art, design or development.
    Areas of expertise: HTML, CSS, JavaScript. jQuery and WordPress are the only frameworks PauI uses

    !people I've never met or spoke to asked for invites to the service. It left me with a smile on my face for many days knowing others shared my problem with storing code centrally and liked my solution enough to want to use it. There can be no greater feeling for a developer.

    15. Designer of the Year
    Sarah Parmenter
    Runners up: Meagan Fisher and Mike Kus
    Winner: Sarah Parmenter
    Education: Self-taught
    Areas of expertise: iOS UI design, user interface design

    .net: What have you been working on this year?
    I've been working on two really amazing apps, almost exclusively for the last four months. One is really going to change the way people read on their iPads. It's just a shame a lot of the apps are so cool, they are under NDA for long periods of time, so I can't share my work online as much as I would like. I'm really proud of my work with 'Beyond the Shock' for the National Breast Cancer Foundation of America, this year. Its iPhone and iPad apps are directly helping women, all over the world, who suffer from breast cancer.

    16. Developer of the Year
    Paul Irish: Developer of the Year 2011
    Runners up: Lorna Mitchell and Matt Gifford
    Winner: Paul Irish
    Job: Chrome developer advocate, Google
    Education: Bachelors degree in Technical Communication. Self-taught developer
    Got into development aged: 14, maybe? I remember going to an IE4 developer preview event at my local cinema where I got free popcorn and MSFT swag and learned about DHTML. I then copy/paste-abused DHTML heavily, as we all did
    First job: Cashier at Stop & Shop. I can still remember the codes for bananas (4011) and artichokes (4084)
    Areas of expertise: HTML5 and emerging web tech. Robust cross-browser techniques

    .net: What have you been working on this year?
    I've released new, major versions of my biggest projects, HTML5 Boilerplate and Modernizr, along with our very large developer communities. I've also been teaching people how to be more effective with the Chrome DevTools. I've been curating polyfills, and excited to encourage smart practices when using new features.

     17. Agency of the Year

    Runners up: Happy Cog and ZURB
    Winner: Clearleft

    This year, the Brighton-based user experience and web design agency hosted the popular events dConstruct, UX London and Ampersand as well as designing sites and apps for the likes of ITV and Channel 4. 2012 will be just as busy, with its UX London event penned in for April, featuring talks from 15 of the most influential UX practitioners from around the world.
    Clearleft continues to drive web design in the right direction, and for that our judges crown it Agency of the Year.

  • Clearleft: Agency of the Year 2011


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