Friday, December 23, 2011

Google AdWords Editor 9.5 Released With Most Desired Features

"Google has launched version 9.5 of the Google AdWords Editor for both Windows and Mac computers. The latest version streamlines several tasks, grants greater control over experiments, and adds support for location extensions"
Google adwords editor 9.5Key Features of AdWords Editor 9.5
While AdWords Editor version 9.5 has a long list of added features, there are a few items of note. The most visible is the updated UI, which gives additional status information in-line and provides a warning text when you revert changes.
However, other function-based changes can be found just below the surface.
Additional support for images and extensions is given in 9.5. Users can use several new image sizes for both desktop and mobile ads, and location extensions can now be edited or created manually directly from the AdWords Editor interface. Adding multiple items will now be easier as well, with a streamlined workflow for this task.
Those working on large accounts with multiple campaigns will be pleased with the new “background download” feature, which grabs information from campaigns that you’re not currently working with.
The last key change is an updated set of controls for ad experiments. 

Users can now:
  •  Alter experiment status on the ad group, ad, or keyword level.
  • Edit default bids at the ad group level.
  • Alter bid multipliers at the keyword level.
  • Upload and download experiment details as CSV or XML.
All of these features are in addition to existing features such as the ability to work offline, make batch edits, create a collaborative team approach to AdWords, and copy items between campaigns.
Current AdWords Editor users will be prompted to download version 9.5 when they next open the program. If you’re not seeing the message or if you’re a first-time AdWords Editor user, you can download it from Google directly.


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