Thursday, October 6, 2011

Apple's new iPhone 4S features:Better Graphics, Speed, Speech and Signal

Apple’s IPhone5: Features, Images , Videos, Comparison with iPhone4 and much more..

apple iphone 4s features"The device has lots of technical upgrades, and one feature -- the new Siri -- did get rabid, enthusiastic response from the audience," Wisdom, principal of Wisdom Consulting, told MacNewsWorld.

apple iphone5 features
Don’t get mislead by the outer look of iPhone 4s because may be its looks like the same as iPhone 4 but its all new inside. With a new chip , new camera , new antenna , and with new guts it has almost everything you wanted.

Apple has unveiled its new iPhone 4s at an event in Cupertino California. Tim Crook as the CEO reveals the most amazing iPhone. Steve Jobs the founder of the Apple did not show up at the event but yet Tim Crook handle the stage nicely.The new iPhone 4S, which comes with 16, 32 or 64GB of storage, will be released in seven countries, including Britain, on October 14th.

New Features in iPhone 4s

    new features in iphone 4s
  • Siri:

Use your voice to send messages , set reminders , search for information , and it will work as you assistant and you can just fix your meetings by just communication orally with your 4s.

  •  8 MegaPixel Camera:
Apple iphone 4s camera
  •             iOS 5:

iphone 5 camera 


"This is going to give the Android folks and the Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) folks a huge amount of confidence that they can move against Apple because it makes Apple look weak," 
iPhone4 vs iPhone 5

Apple4 Vs iphone45

The iPhone is now Apple’s most successful product. More than 20 million iPhones were sold in the second quarter of this year, despite the growing likelihood of a new model.


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